Enjoying Each Day as it Comes

At my last doctor visit, my counts were stable, even if it took drugs to accomplish it.   I got 2 weeks until my regular check up in stead of one. We’ll see how stable they really are!

I have two options just now for my recovery.  We are looking for another possible bone marrow donor, using my son and sister as haplo ( half) DNA matches and looking in the Bone Marrow Bank for maybe a new untapped donor. We tested my daughter and I have antibodies against her and she’s not a candidate.   I have major antibodies that I have developed over the years to complicate donor matching  possibility.  The testing is in process and maybe I’ll know by mid-end of September for the haplo-identical transplant.  It is an experimental option, but has great potential once it tis perfected in the years to come.

The other option is to endure and go day to day.  I have to wake each day and plan what I can accomplish that day.   Sitting doing nothing is mentally and physically deteriorating.  I am getting stronger and have energy to walk a little and do service projects as long as I pace myself and throw in a nap now and then!

So, when I say enjoy each day as it comes, I pray my counts will remain stable and maybe even improve on their own.  That is my second option for recovery.  The doctor sees my stability as good for now and encourages me to get out and get a life.  With the WBC booster drug, Neupogen, I don’t have to fear infections as before and may as well go to meetings and lunch and movies as I want.

I’m feeling stronger, although that doesn’t reflect my actual leukemia status. It doesn’t matter.  I do as much as I can when I can and enjoy life!!  Hope you do, too!!

5 thoughts on “Enjoying Each Day as it Comes”

  1. Great positive thinking – keep it up. Leaving New Brunswick tomorrow, headed to Bangor, ME area. Will stay in touch. Love you, Sue

  2. Wow..!!! That´s such a good way to dance with it all. Pacing really is a fantastic method and just going out there doing what´s enjoyable and important to you. Thanks for encouraging sharing. I´m ending my vacation. It´s been a good one – lot´s of biking in Belgium, Germany and little of Poland. My friend isn´t well and goes away on his own, but I do as you, pace missing, doing and sharing – well that´s what it´s all about isn´t it!! You´re really dancing so nicely – in the most healthy way!!!

  3. Ooooops…. forgot.. just spoke to mamma and she reminded me to send their love as well!!
    Here it comes!!
    Did you catch??? good!!

    They´re ok. Mamma was very low coming home from Blidoe. But after seeing her doc she got SSRI and now she´s better I think.

    Pappa is content and not worried. They don´t do much, but good enough having reached the age of 90.
    Love and hope!!

  4. Dearest Sandy,
    It is so good to hear that you are stronger and getting out. We should all adopt the wisdom of enjoying each day as it comes.
    With love

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