I started on high doses of cyclsporin and my red blood cells are living longer.

Now it has been 2 weeks since I received RBC’s and expect my counts to last to the end of the week.  I still need platelets every 2 days.  But I keep my eyes on those numbers, too.

They performed a repeat bone marrow biopsy Mon.  Hopefully there is a clearer picture of what’s happening.  One of the drugs I was on, fuzzied my results before.  I wasn’t in pain till after when I felt like they dropped me on my hip, which they did not!

The drug is really strong, makes me feel cold and I rest a little more.  I’m keeping the highest dose now, til something stabilizes in a year or so .

So back to waiting for 10 days for results.  I am more optimistic than the director is, but is some  reason I get to experience all thia