Cyclosporin to the rescue!

Well, we were hoping my own bone marrow would recover and produce the cells I need to sustain life.  So, we decreased the anti-rejection drug cyclosporin and watched.  My blood cells plummeted and I am receiving RBC’s every 5 days instead of every 4-6 weeks and platelets every 2 days after not needing them for 4 months.

Didn’t work!  We have increased the cyclosporin to a therapeutic level and will wait and see.  I didn’t need platelets this morning and they think I’ll last till Monday.  They’ll be really low on Monday, but they have a unit ready for me.

We are praying this direction will return me to a life sustainable  cell count so we can let the donor bone marrow start producing the cells.  My bone marrow isn’t able to do the job.

What a roller coaster ride.  It’s only been 5 1/2 months since the transplant and we need to be patient.  It could take another year, easy.

5 thoughts on “Cyclosporin to the rescue!”

  1. Yes, so many days.. so much happened… good days, not so good days and you really being so brave and strong even though I understand you don´t feel the strength right now.
    But it´s there the teeny weeny strength, let´s support it together. Can you feel me softly blowing loving hope to you and your family.
    Here fall has come, lovely colors chilly winds.
    I´m working and still have some left on this neverending paper.
    Since I don´t travel for studies anymore I´m at home more AND has gotten two small kittens – lovely!
    Back to my paper . Love

  2. I totally agree with Emily about patience. I’m so sorry I missed your call this weekend. Skype calls came in and it was a busy weekend. Hopefully we can catch up this week. I’m always thinking about you and praying for you. Love you!!

  3. We continue to keep you in our prayers Sandy! We’re looking forward to seeing you this weekend! Hopefully our schedule will mellow out after getting Trin off to the MTC, and we can have another dinner together soon. Love you!

  4. Hey there! I’ve been gone with Michelle’s baby and don’t know how you’re doing, except you weren’t at church Sunday. So how ARE you? I miss you!

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