Life is good!

Looks like this will be a wait and see event. The director of the facility here was at a conference in Seattle, WA at Fred Hutchins hospital and used me as a unique case.  They all agreed that another transplant is not recommended.  I am disease free so far and that is good.

So, we will support me as necessary until my bone marrow replenishes itself.  That could take months up to a year or so.  I receive transfusions every 5-6 weeks, not bad actually.  If I were in bad shape I’d receive them every week.  I haven’t needed platelet transfusions for 4 months.  My platelets are dropping slowly, but the doctors say not to worry.  They will go up and down in the process.  The only unknown are my white blood cells and I am receiving Neupogen to stimulate them and remind my bone marrow to get in gear and produce them on their own.

So, it’s not for me to sit around and worry.  I still get tired, but am up and around and out a lot more.  Our cruising and traveling days are limited for the time being.  Peter is chomping at the bit to travel and has our next trips planned as soon as I get the word I can fly!

Life is for living and that’s what I’ll do.

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  1. Prayers for continued progress and that you will be able to “fly” in for the wedding next October 1!
    Love ya!

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