Too long since last posting!!

Well, not much happening really.  I was back in the hospital in Oct. for “pneumonia” and it actually was a cold. Beginning to dislike hospitals.  Since I’ve been home, I’ve had a broncoscopy  to uncover  a CMV infection in my lung and am being treated for it.

I’m doing ok.  Living on transfusions. Platelets every 2-3 days and red blood cells every 10-14- days.  I have no white cells to fight infection, and that is worrisome. So, we I stay home a lot to avoid getting anything.  It still can happen!
There really isn’t they can do unless my bone marrow starts to work and it’s a slim chance that’ll happen.  I feel good in the meantime and pray my body will respond in time.  That’s about all I know, doesn’t look good for the long haul.  But, I have faith that God’s will be done and I have had a witness that all will be ok, either according to my plan or His.

6 thoughts on “Too long since last posting!!”

  1. So good to hear from you, wish you were feeling better. Stay strong, your faith will sustain you thru this illness. Hope the holidays bring you joy and happiness. Love you, Sue

  2. Sandy,
    Perhaps your plans and those of the universe or God are one in the same. The healing power of your subconscious is AWESOME… Feed it tons of positive thoughts, weed out the negative thoughts. Negative thoughts come into the garden and I imagine pulling them out and putting them in the composting pile while I tend to the positive thoughts which are like flowers in my garden and a few redwoods!
    I see tulips in your garden as I know you love them…of all breeds and colors… Tend to those thoughts that are beautiful like flowers.

  3. Really GOOD with a greeting ….. I admire your patience!! Though I understand it´s not there all the time! Nice to read about your tulips from Holly – hello there!!
    Here in Stockholm we´ve had snow and winter for nearly a month now. It´s so beautiful and calming. Mom and dad are still there but very!! tired!! they send their greetings.
    I hope you´ll have good tidings these days and a peaceful Christmas and a Good New Year.
    Lots of love from Eva

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