An Overdue Update…

Long time since I’ve kept you up to date. My bone marrow transplant has failed and we gave it 8 months to try to recuperate and it hasn’t cooperated at all. So I’ve chosen to go off of all medications, all chemo, and go under hospice care to see what will happen there. This started last weekend. I don’t feel any better…I’m still very tired, I can’t walk, I have Greg and Kerstin and Peter to carry me around. Fortunately I’ve lost about 30 pounds so that helps them. I know a lot of you have been praying and wondering what’s been going on, and I appreciate those efforts on my behalf. I love you and will keep in touch.

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  1. I just wanted you to know that you have been in my thoughts ever since Greg told us about the bone marrow transplant. I got the kit do be a donor once I heard. I know this is such a hard time, but I am sure such a blessing to have Greg and Kerstin there. I will continue to fight this horrible disease in memory of my parents and in your honor. I wish I could meet you in person. I know you through your son and your adorable grandsons. Thank you for being an inspiration! I wish you comfort and to be surrounded by those you love.

  2. Sandy,
    You have been in my thoughts and prayers since Kerstin and Greg first told me of your illness. I have the fondest memories of you from my high school years, and I can’t express how sorry I am that this disease has impacted your tremendous energy and vitality. I am so honored to know you and to count your son among my true friends, and your daughter among my very best friends. May peace be with you all.

  3. Oh Sandy, good to hear your loved ones carry you. Like always when I get messages like this I got from you I come close to anger – it´s not fair!! but life´s not fair!! It´s just life, -not mine either hasn´t been fair all the time. None of us can expect that! So .. I send you love and gratefulness for all you did to me and my family!!
    You took me to Monterrey and Steinbeck, to The Redwoods, remember the little deer? and we had fun!! remember us three singing “Climb every mountain” high up in the hills, or walking barefoot on the beach or at the Aqarium. Oh Sandy you didn´t come back to us, but you´re in our prayres. You know mine are more Buddhistic – hope that´s ok. And you made this wonderful film and sent it to me. You´re just such an wonderful, loving person and I´ll try to spread this love to the life I meet!
    All my love to you, Peter, Kerstin and Greg

  4. Sandy, you have been in our constant thoughts and prayers. I’ve tried to call a couple of times but have got your answering machine. I’m so glad I got to be with you a week ago Wed. You are such an example to all of us. You have affected my life more than you can imagine. Please know of the love we have for you. I’m so glad Greg and Kerstin are with you. I’m sure that is a comfort to you as well as to Peter.
    You are a valiant soldier and have fought with everything you have.

  5. To tell you that you are in our prayers is needless, you have been there since the start of this odessy. I continue to be amazed at your courage and strength in all that you have been through. I remember fondly all the reminiscing we have done about our joint family history – you filled in much info that I didn’t have. Something I never told you – your Mom always sent us cousins the most ‘unusual’ gifts for Christmas. On Christmas Eve we were always allowed to open one gift to settle us down and Linda and I always picked the one your Mom sent – it always made us laugh!! So glad your kids and Peter are there to surround you with love. If there is anything Bruce or I can do, all you have to do is call – we would be there as soon as the highway allows. Stay strong, we love you. Our love to Peter, Kerstin and Greg. To Kerstin and Greg, please keep your Mom’s blog going if she is unable, we need to know how she is doing. Love, Sue & Bruce

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